FrontPage not returning correct results
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Rob Nicholson
2007-12-12 15:24:38 UTC
IIS 5 web site with indexing up and running. Using the "Query Catalog"
feature on the indexing service, the search appears to work a treat. For
example, query the catalog on "Take Command" and the expected document is
first in the list. This suggests that indexing is working.

However, try the same search from a web page using the search webbot as the
document isn't returned at all. This is the code:

<!--webbot bot="Search" S-Index="All" S-Scope="All-Website"
S-Fields="timestamp,documentk,weight," S-FieldsEx="write,size,rank,"
S-Text="Intranet Search:" I-Size="50" S-Submit="Start" S-Clear="Clear"
S-CiMaxRecordsPerPage="20" S-CiMaxRecordsInResultSet="200" TAG="BODY"
b-useindexserver="1" -->

I've just done a query on HP4600 on the indexing service and it returns a
single page (the one I expected) but do the same search using the webbot and
it doesn't return any documents.

It's as if the webbot is not using the index server maybe?

Thanks, Rob.
WenJun Zhang[msft]
2007-12-13 08:52:25 UTC
Hi Rob,

I'm not very familiar with FrontPage but if I remember correctly, it should
query against Web catalog instead of System catalog by default. So please
test querying the content within Web catalog in Indexing Service mmc in
Computer management, see if it returns the expected results. If not, the
problem should probably be the page isn't included in the Web catalog. You
need to open IIS mmc, go to the virtual directory which contains the page,
enable 'Index this resource' option in its property dialog. Then perform a
Rescan of the catalog in Indexing service mmc and wait 'Docs to index'
decrease to 0.

Also please note we can bind a custom catalog to any web site in IIS. After
that, the indexing scopes are controlled by IIS('Index this resource'
option). The option is in a catalog's property->Tracking tab.

I look forward to your update.

Have a great day.


WenJun Zhang

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Rob Nicholson
2007-12-20 15:10:37 UTC
Post by WenJun Zhang[msft]
I look forward to your update.
Thanks for the message - holidays are upon us so it'll be next year before I
get back to this.

Cheers, Rob.