dashes and slashes and queries
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2008-02-01 17:59:01 UTC
Dashes and slashes in my indexing service queries seem to be messing
them up.

I want to find the text "f/a-18" in the catalog.

It's almost as if the slash and dash tell the query that it's the end
of the line, so instead the above query would just look for "f".

I've tried adding double quotes around it, searching for "fa18" none
of these seem to work.

Any ideas? Anyone seen this?

This also won't find something like "start-up"

How can I get around this?
2008-02-01 21:00:51 UTC
After reading a few posts on here, I followed these directions:

I read another post though that said to leave the English one in. I'd
leave that up to your own testing.

It worked with the dashes, but slashes are still having problems. I
can search and find something like 01/22/28392 but it won't find
something like f/a-18. I'm guessing the alpha vs. the numeric has
something to do with it.

Good luck.